Our team places customer service as the number one priority! Read our Google customer reviews here.

Our team places customer service as the number one priority! Read our Google customer reviews here.

Winter Tire Change Service in Charlottetown, PE

Winter Tire Changes Service in Charlottetown, PE

Winter Tire Changes Service at Charlottetown Mitsubishi

Before switching to winter tires, clients have to understand what they are attaining. At our dealership, we provide our clients with the best services. These can entail part services, car financing, or even purchasing a new or used Mitsubishi. As the leading Mitsubishi dealership in Charlottetown, PE, Montague, Summerside, Souris, Kensington, and surrounding areas, we have everything that you might need. Below are the different reasons why our clients should consider winter tire change services.

The Difference Between Winter Tires and Seasonal Tires

With all the technology baked into your cars, it is necessary to understand the impact that tires have. Both winter and seasonal tires provide a vehicle with all the support that they might need. However, the main difference is the rubber compound. Winter tires can provide a car with more traction during winter, while seasonal tires will give the vehicle enough traction for the different road conditions.

Secondly, both these tires will have different tread patterns. The tread will impact the capability of the car to function on snow and ice. With the seasonal tires, the tread is designed to deal with water. However, the winter tires will have tread, which will evacuate snow and ice while providing the car with better fuel efficiency.

The Difference Between a Winter Tire Change and Tire Swap

It will entail removing the older tires from the wheel and installing the winter tires. It might take longer than a swap since the technicians have to replace the tires on the wheels. As for the tire swap, a client will have different sets of wheels. One set might contain seasonal tires while the other has winter tires. Therefore, the swap can be quicker since the technician has to remove one set and replace it with the other.

Tire changes and swaps will require servicing, like pressure checks, inspections, and balancing. With the swapped tires, technicians have to look for irregular wear patterns. Also, proper alignment of the client's car has to happen to ascertain that the alignment check will be precise and successful.

The Best Time to Change Tires to Winter Tires

Most seasonal tires are made to perform in most weather conditions; however, this doesn't entail extreme weather conditions. Seasonal tires can work during mild winter weather, yet it's tough for most seasonal tires to maintain grip below seven degrees Celsius.

Therefore, clients should consider a winter tire change in Charlottetown, PE, to guarantee that their cars can have ample grip. A lack of grip might lead to brake failure and will reduce the safety of the vehicle. Changing to winter tires will guarantee that all cars will navigate the snow and ice seamlessly.

Schedule a Winter Tire Change Today

Instead of choosing a dealer who can't meet your needs, you should look at our catalog, and we guarantee that you'll find something marvellous. When you schedule a service appointment online today, you can book a spot for your car to attain the best servicing and maintenance. Contact us to learn more about the essence of tire change and what options will work best for your vehicle.