Our team places customer service as the number one priority! Read our Google customer reviews here.

Our team places customer service as the number one priority! Read our Google customer reviews here.

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Ride Green Certified

What is Ride Green Certified?

Ride Green Certified not only helps protect the environment by reducing Greenhouse Gases and harmful vehicle emissions but also has the added benefit of lowering fuel costs due to improved fuel efficiency. Ride Green has been verified and validated as per the requirements of ISO 14064-3 and is listed with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) in the Green House Gas (GHG) CleanProjects Registry Program.

Nitrogen Filled Tires

Sym-Tech Nitrogen for tire inflation is less susceptible to temperature fluctuations, helping to maintain correct tire pressure longer, which enhances safety while driving.

Ride Green Certified Features

  • Correct tire pressure is maintained
  • Proven to increase tire life by 25% or more
  • Improved fuel efficiency with significant annual savings
  • Properly inflated tires are important for safety
  • Improved road grip and handling

Emissions Reduction Program

Ride Green Certified reduces harmful emissions by maintaining correct tire pressure using Sym-Tech Nitrogen for tire inflation, improving fuel efficiency.

Protects the Environment

  • Correct tire pressure reduces carbon footprints by using less fuel
  • Improved fuel efficiency reduces Green House Gas (GHG) and harmful vehicle emissions
  • Saving one litre of fuel prevents five pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere
  • Extended tire life means fewer tires being replaced, saving money


What is Secure-Gard Protection?

Secure-Gard effectively deters thieves by marking your vehicle with a unique series of traceable I.D. numbers and branded decals. The I.D. numbers, VIN, and customer information are registered into a secure database.

Secure-Gard Features

  • The unique DNA code is registered on a secure international database
  • Stays on for the life of the vehicle
  • An effective way of preventing vehicle theft and subsequent parts sales
  • Our replacement benefit is provided if the vehicle is stolen and not recovered; this payment is made on top of what the insurance company pays
  • A deductible reimbursement is provided if the vehicle is recovered and requires repairs
  • Warranty coverage is transferable
  • Decal stickers on vehicle windows deter potential thieves
  • D. numbers are registered in a secured database and can assist in vehicle recovery
  • The I.D. numbers are registered along with the VIN and customer information into a secure database
  • The vehicle is marked with a unique series of traceable ID numbers and decal stickers
  • The ID numbers are recorded and connect the vehicle to your customer
  • the decals are placed onto the windows and various body panels of the vehicle

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