Our team places customer service as the number one priority! Read our Google customer reviews here.

Our team places customer service as the number one priority! Read our Google customer reviews here.

Vehicle Brake Maintenance in Prince Edward Island

Vehicle Brake Maintenance in PEI

The importance of car servicing and brake maintenance can't be overstated, which is why Charlottetown Mitsubishi is committed to offering you the best of both, whether you're based in our home of Charlottetown or anywhere else in Prince Edward Island. Allow us the pleasure of filling you in on all the brake maintenance basics you'll need for hassle-free driving, and you can always contact our dealership to book an appointment for any of your car servicing needs.

Your Brake Maintenance Basics

Keep the Brake Fluid Cylinder Full

Firstly, it's important to remember your braking system includes various important components, including calipers, rotors, brake pads, brake lines, a master brake cylinder, and a brake fluid reservoir. It's this reservoir that houses the fluid needed to keep your brakes performing smoothly. Low fluid levels can put excess strain on your master cylinder and the braking system's other components. We recommend keeping tabs on your fluid levels, as doing so will stave off any premature wear and spare you some unnecessary expenses.

Regular Checks & Inspections

Performing regular inspections allows you to catch any issues before they become major problems, and thanks to today's steel and alloy wheel designs, you can keep tabs on your calipers, brake pads, and rotors with ease. If you detect rust on your calipers, damage on the rotors, or uneven brake pad wear, contact or schedule a Service Appointment, and our technicians will gladly return your braking system to its former glory.

Pay Attention to Your Dashboard Lights

Thanks to the innovations of modern automation, some newer vehicles will tell you when your braking system has an issue by flashing a light or alert on your dashboard. If your brake light shows up on your dash, it's likely time to get your brake system checked at our Service Centre.

Check Your Vehicle's Underside

Your vehicle's underside braves everything from snow to ice to pebbles, which makes your brake lines and other components especially vulnerable in rough driving conditions. This is why we suggest you ask our technicians to check these components at your next scheduled Service Centre appointment.

Set & Maintain a Schedule

Staying on top of your brake maintenance and car servicing schedule has never been easier, as your owner's manual outlines all the recommended service intervals to keep your vehicle running at its best in the long term. If you don't have your manual handy, stay on the safe side by getting your braking system checked every third oil change or so, and you can always consult our technicians for any maintenance tips.

Mitsubishi Warranty

When you leave Charlottetown Mitsubishi at the wheel of a model from our new inventory, you'll hit the road knowing your vehicle is thoroughly protected thanks to Mitsubishi's 10-5-5 Warranty plan. In addition to a factory limited warranty lasting five years or 100,000 km - whichever comes first - this comprehensive coverage protects your new Mitsubishi's powertrain for up to 10 years or 160,000 km. Rounding out this lauded package is five years' worth of complimentary Roadside Assistance with no mileage limit, which gives you the comfort of knowing help is always near when you need it most.

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For further details on brake maintenance or any other of your car servicing needs, contact us at Charlottetown Mitsubishi today. Our staff will be glad to fill you in and book your next service appointment with one of our factory-trained technicians.

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