Our team places customer service as the number one priority! Read our Google customer reviews here.

Our team places customer service as the number one priority! Read our Google customer reviews here.

Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car

Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car

Buying a car is both a multi-step process and a big commitment, and if you've set your sights on a model from our varied used inventory, we can provide you with a checklist that will guide you through your purchase. If you hang your hat in or around our home of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, fill yourself in on the following tips before visiting our dealership to find your dream vehicle.

Check the Vehicle's History

A vehicle's history will give you a clear picture of when it was purchased, how many people have owned it, and most importantly, whether it underwent any major repairs resulting from a severe collision. Feel free to ask us for a CarProof, which will provide you with the vehicle history of our full pre-owned lineup, and remember to ask when a model's annual Motor Vehicle Inspection was completed if the corresponding sticker isn't on the windshield. If you'd like even greater peace of mind, we recommend treating your next car to an extended warranty plan that will protect it for the long haul.

Inspect the Car's Frame

Firstly, make sure your vehicle-to-be is resting on even ground. After that, give the car a good look for any dents and dings in the bumpers, and remember to ensure that its doors and trunk can open and close properly.

Check Under the Hood

Pop the hood to be sure the car's hardware is in working order. We recommend checking for proper fluid levels and leaks, as well as engine corrosion and cracked belts or hoses. This will spare you any post-purchase hassles and expenses.

Make Note of the Mileage

Mileage is a key factor when assessing a used vehicle's condition, although a high number doesn't always mean a car is in bad shape. Our used models have proven durability records, and between the mileage and vehicle history, you'll be able to properly assess the condition of every car in our fleet.

Look for Uneven Tire Wear

Tires naturally wear out over time, but uneven tire wear could be a sign of alignment issues that require repairs at a Service Centre. This could saddle you with both unwanted repair expenses and the added cost of a new set of tires.

Make Note of the Aesthetics

Aesthetics may not be everything, but they can be very telling. We recommend checking used models for scratches, chipped paint, and rust on the outside, and stains, tears, or cracks in the upholstery on the inside.

Do a Test Drive

There's no way to get a feel for a car like taking it for a proper spin. Don't be shy to request a test drive of your model of choice, and if you can, try taking a route that will test the vehicle's performance under various conditions, such as rougher patches of road. Furthermore, take the opportunity to check the vehicle's electronics during your test drive to ensure that they're all in good shape.

For more tips on buying a used car in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, contact us at Charlottetown Mitsubishi at your convenience.

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